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I offer reliable garden maintenance either a one off or on regular basis, you won’t be disappointed.


We will make your neighbour jealous of your fabulous new lawn.


We have a professional team to lay turf. Many years of experience, numerous successful projects, skilled team members, clean and tidy workmanship. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. We will make your neighbour jealous of your fabulous new lawn (-:
Turf grass purify air by absorbing greenhouse gases and providing oxygen. A survey shows that a 50 by 50 ft turf grass patch produces such quantity of oxygen that is enough for a family of 4 members. The continuous evaporation of turf grass effectively absorb solar radiation and work as a natural air-conditioner. The grass temperature are an average of 5-7 degree Celsius cooler than concrete and asphalt.

Wild flower turf

Want to create a stunning area in your garden with very low maintenance? Here is a great solution. A wildflower lawn. Beautiful colours, a prominent spot in your garden. Attracts all the butterflies, ladybirds, dragonflies and all the other very beneficial insects that help keep your garden healthy, free from all harmful insects.
Wildflower turf is a bit more expensive, but has a big advantage. When your wildflower turf is delivered it is already established (weed free)with the perfect consistency of over 30 varieties of wildflowers and grasses. This means no weeds to contend with, no birds to peck up the seeds.

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